Puna is a store – studio established in Lima, Peru, which focuses on curated pieces of art and design, created with an artisanal, ethical and conscious approach.

The first space was founded in 2010 in the city of Cusco by Mariana Otero (interior designer) and Yerko Zlatar (artist and designer), who moved the store to Lima in 2013. From the beginning they explored a multidisciplinary approach that has led them to collaborate with artisans, designers and artists; forming part of a creative community that revalues the cultural tradition to give birth to a unique contemporary design.

Our products come from furniture, textiles, clothing, accessories and utilitarian objects, to incense and essential oils. We go for the pieces made by hand or with traditional process, which combine knowledge and spontaneity, and which are never exactly the same as others.

In a massive consumerist world, where everything goes very quickly, we seek to do things again with the value of patience, love and care

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