We decided to create a concept for our new textile pieces based on a process of investigation about ancestral cultures and experimentation with a graphic of simple shapes
that emphasizes the color. The result was COSTA and ICONO, two collections that we wanted to photograph in an environment of abandoned aesthetics that
highlighted the intensity of the lines and colors of the pieces.

COSTA brings together a selection of desert landscapes and Pre-Hispanic huacas that takes us on a trip along the Peruvian coastal route which remind the idea of relaxed walks under the coastal summer sun. ICONO, is our approach to the complex visual universe of the various cultures that populated the Andes of Peru thousands of years ago and their exquisite iconographic legacy, which is also a testimony of their way of understanding the environment that surrounded them. The result is a selection, adaptation and reinterpretation of various geometric patterns and elements to create varied compositions, some symmetrical and others more free and risky.

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