Essential Oil Burner + Oil Blend Set


The complete aromatherapy kit contains the essential oil burner and the set of 4 blends from collection n.01:
:: CALM :: lavender and lemon verbena
:: CITRIC :: bergamot and grapefruit
:: FIELD :: muña and rosewood
:: AERO :: molle and orange
Burner box size: 10 ml
Add 5-10 drops to the diffuser with water to fill a room with its aroma
Handcrafted in Peru.

Start your journey to another dimension with this aromatherapy collection!

Let yourself be seduced by this collection of 4 exquisite essential oil formulas: Calma, Aero, Cítrico and Campo that combine soothing, energizing and refreshing powers and discover this entire magical universe of aromas!

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