Go back to history, to the rituals of ancient cultures that are still practiced today; evoke these ceremonies to find inspiration
and, in that ambition, discover the same feelings and emotions in a payment to the earth, a flowering bath, the reading of the coca
leaves and the intention with an incense is lit. That was the starting point and the research process for RITUAL, this collection that,
this time, is no longer just about textiles, but includes ceramic pieces. A natural addition as it is another ancient Peruvian practice that has been
passed through generations, becoming one of the most interesting contemporary design formats.

Loom weavers from Lima and Huancayo have joined sheep wool with cotton fiber: the result, a different, finer material is born, and pieces with
a more sophisticated details. The new texture has invited a different palette in our production: pastel tones dominate, rugs, cushions,
pots, incense burners and crockery with freshness and summer. Objects that become vital tools for the most sacred modern ritual: the search for wellbeing.

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