Nahawa Doumbia — La Grande Cantatrice Malienne


Label: Awesome Tapes From Africa
Nahawa Doumbia is one of Mali’s defining vocalists of the last four decades. Her work journeys through progressive stages of musical evolution and sonic vogues, making it hard to summarize or even comprehend. She’s played a part in popular music since the late ‘70s, as her version of Wassoulou music developed from vocals-and-guitar duo into full-scale touring bands packing a bombastic, electrified punch. As Doumbia puts it, “My music has changed multiple times to this day…The more I progressed in my musical career, the more instruments I have had accompany my songs.” La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 1 looks back to the beginning of Doumbia’s long career, when her voice was remarkably strong yet still developing. This was before she added bass and percussion, and finally the electric guitar and synths for which she became known in recent years.


  • Kourouni
  • Tou Dibile
  • Tjefouroule
  • Djankonia
  • Nianimanjougou
  • Sokono Woulouni

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