Label: Buh Records

Paracas Ritual, the new album by Manongo Mujica and Terje Evensen, is the result of an investigation carried out by the duo in the desert and bay of Paracas, south of Lima, on the Peruvian coast. Long days of deep listening and recordings of sounds from the desert and the bay have served as material and inspiration for this first collaborative project. The album also includes photographs of the Paracas landscapes made by Pauline Barberi and paintings by Manongo himself, also inspired by these landscapes, which were in turn the result of a previous visual project and which have served as a point of reference and complement.

Paracas Ritual is a blend of ambient, sound art, meditative percussion music, free improvisation and jazz. It is, therefore, an ambitious album that courses through a wide range of languages, but it is precisely in its voracious search that it manages to venture into unknown sound terrain, as abstract and dissonant as it is melodic and rhythmic. And as much as it reminisces about Paracas, it also reflects on the musical creative act that is defined here as an encounter between the time of listening and the time of making sounds.


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